EmuDeck Guide: A Step-By-Step Guide To Install Emudeck in Steamdeck

EmuDeck Guide: A Step-By-Step Guide To Install Emudeck in Steamdeck



An Emulator for SteamDeck & SteamOS

The EmuDeck is a powerful tool for gaming enthusiasts who want to expand the capabilities of their Steam Deck. This tool simplifies the process of adding 160 different emulators and their supporting utilities to your Steam Deck, so you can easily access and play a wide range of retro games.

With the EmuDeck tool, the installation process is greatly simplified and requires very little configuration on your part. This means that you can spend more time playing your favourite games and less time setting up and configuring your system

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Welcome to our article on how to install  EmuDeck: A Step-by-Step Guide, the ultimate emulation platform for all your favourite systems. With support for systems such as Atari, Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega CD, PC Engine, NES, Super Nintendo and more, EmuDeck offers standard hotkeys that follow the AmberElec convention, making it easy to jump in and save games.

EmuDeck is easy to install and flexible, providing a graphical wizard to install everything you need in just a couple of clicks. EmuDeck also features beautifully detailed game displays with box art alongside the rest of your Steam library. 

Additionally, EmuDeck also supports EmulationStation Desktop Edition for those who prefer to keep their ROMs separated from their Steam library.

EmuDeck Guide: A Step-By-Step Guide To Install Emudeck in Steamdeck

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EmuDeck Instaliing Guide

  • Installing EmuDeck on your Steam Deck is a straightforward process. To begin, enter Desktop mode on your Steam Deck and adjust the Power Savings (while on AC) to 30-160 min. This will ensure that your bios/rom files and the Steam Rom Manager have enough time to download the artwork without shutting off after 5 min.
  • Next, format your microSD card within SteamUI if you haven’t already done so. This step is recommended if you install EmuDeck on your microSD card.
  • Browse to the EmuDeck website and click the Download Installer button. Make sure to transfer the installer from your Desktop to its intended location.
  • To do this, access the downloads menu from the top-right corner of your browser and select the option to view all downloads. Once you locate the Emudeck.desktop file, drag and drop it onto your Desktop and select the option to move it there.
  • Once the file is on your Desktop, double-click on the Emudeck.desktop icon to open it and then click the Continue button to proceed with the installation process. You will then be given the option to choose between Easy mode or Custom Mode for installation. 
  • We recommend using the Custom Mode option, which is very easy to use and will step you through the setup. You’ll be asked where you would like your ROMs (games) to be stored. For the best results, we recommend installing the SD card if you have one installed.
  • After making your selection, click the Next button. You’ll then be prompted to select which emulators you wish to install.
  • You have the option to enable or disable the installation of each emulator individually. If you’re unsure what each emulator is used for, you can leave it as the default.
  • As you proceed through the next few steps, you will have the flexibility to configure different systems according to your preferences. This enables you to customize your gaming experience to fit your specific needs.
  • This includes configuring Game Bezels on 8/16-bit games, Aspect Ratio for Classic Sega Games, Super NES, Classic 3D Games and GameCube, LCD Shader for Handhelds, CRT Shader for Classic 2D and 3D Games and EmulationStation DE Theme.
  • Finally, you can opt to enable RetroAchievements, which is an option available in emulators that use RetroArch and awards you with achievements as you progress within a game.
  • This step is not mandatory, you can choose to bypass it by clicking the “Skip” button or entering your Retro Achievements username and password if you have one.
  • And that’s it! You have successfully installed EmuDeck on your Steam Deck. Enjoy your retro gaming experience!

Tips after installing emudeck

Once you have installed emudeck, here are a few suggestions to make using it simpler:

  • To exit a game, try pressing SELECT and START simultaneously (this method usually works).
  • If the above method doesn’t work, some games and emulators may require you to press the Steam button and choose “Exit game” instead.
  • To access the RetroArch menu while using emulators or cores that utilize it, press L3 and R3 simultaneously (by pushing in both joysticks).
  • To insert a credit in an arcade game, press SELECT.
  • To begin a one-player game in an arcade game, press START.

Unleash the Power of Emulation with EmuDeck’s Exciting Features!

EmuDeck offers a variety of exciting features for anyone looking to enhance their gaming experience. With our easy-to-use graphical wizard, you can have everything set up and ready to go in just a few clicks. However, if you’re more experienced with emulation, you can also customize your installation by choosing from various shaders, aspect ratios, and themes.

All you need to do is provide your games and system bios. Another great feature of EmuDeck is our Steam ROM Manager tool, which allows you to display your games with box art alongside the rest of your Steam library.

This tool is fully configured and installed with just one click. Additionally, for those who prefer to keep their ROMs separated from their Steam library, EmuDeck also integrates with EmulationStation Desktop Edition, making the setup process even more streamlined.

  • Standard Hotkeys
  • Beautifully detailed
  • EmulationStation Desktop Edition
  • SteamOS, Windows and Android


The installation process of EmuDeck is straightforward and easy to follow. By following these steps, you’ll be able to start playing your favourite retro games in no time. Don’t forget to use EmuDeck’s powerful features to customize your gaming experience and take your emulation to the next level.


Is EmuDeck a safe program to install?

Yes, EmuDeck is completely safe to install. It does not install on your system directly, instead it downloads and installs emulators from the same sources you would use if installing them manually, such as the Discover app on your Steam Deck. Additionally, EmuDeck configures these emulators and creates a ROM file system to simplify the setup process. Emulators not hosted in the Discover app will be downloaded through their official GitHub source.

Do I need sudo / root access?

No. EmuDeck does allow you to install plugins like PowerTools which will improve performance with some emulators. These tools do require you to set a sudo password, but they are completely optional.

Is EmuDeck compatible with other Steam OS devices?

Currently, EmuDeck is compatible with the Anbernic Win600 and other devices running HoloISO.

Is EmuDeck available for Windows or Android?

EmuDeck is currently in beta testing for the Windows Edition and an Android version is also in development.

Does EmuDeck use RetroArch from the Discover store or from Steam?

Currently, EmuDeck only supports using RetroArch from the Discover app.

Is EmuDeck available as a Flatpak?

Unfortunately, creating an EmuDeck Flatpak is not possible at this time due to limitations that would prevent EmuDeck from working as intended.

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